Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weather's getting warmer...

Thank God. After this long winter, I cannot wait for spring. It usually doesn't show up in Boston until mid-April, but today is supposed to be near 60, so I'm happy. I found some particularly good stories today, so I'm just going to get right to it. 

In line with good weather, a small section of Wales is taking climate change into its own hands, working together as a community to develop a program to help shrink Wales' carbon footprint. It's entered in a contest that's going on throughout Great Britain for the top climate change program. The winner gets 1 million pounds to invest in the program (WalesOnline). 

Here's a short blurb from the New York Daily News on some (finally) good news about the US housing market - it doesn't suck as much as analysts thought!

Girl Scouts in North Carolina received some anonymous assistance after news of their leaky roof was published in the paper. According to the Gaston Gazette, a large, local roofing company sent out a representative and gave an estimate before promising to do the work free of charge as long as the company received no publicity or public acknowledgement. Good to know generosity still exists in times like these...

Continuing in that vein, one woman donated $20 million to support dance in Los Angelos. Next to a $50 million gift from Lillian Disney, Glorya Kaufman gave Dance at the Music Center one of the largest gift to a dance program in history (MSNBC). 

The last two for today center around family - one of the most important things to me. In the Daily Telegraph in Britain, there is a story about a 14 year-old boy who, along with his father, helped pull a mother and two children out of a burning home after a freak gas explosion. He's so matter-of-fact about how helping was the right thing to do that you have to credit his parents for raising such a good kid.

And the last one is short but incredibly sweet, courtesy of It's the story of two brothers, one a coach and the other a player, and a CYO team in Upper Darby, Pa. It's all about how hard work and trying no matter what pays off in the end, no matter who you are. (Thanks for pointing this one out, Joel. : ) )

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