Thursday, March 26, 2009

I still think my life more resembles "Office Space"

Today I found an article in the Chicago Tribune on the cartoonist who draws "Dilbert." I admit I never really read it because I didn't feel like I connected with it. Looking back on my career in college athletics, it does resemble Dilbert remarkably as long as you substitute sports-speak for corporate-speak. Sports people are famously for talking a lot but saying absolutely nothing of value or depth. 

Now I'm more in the corporate world, I find Dilbert funnier. I have more direct experience with the nonsense that is parodied in the cartoon strip. The article touches on some of the more salient points of life today and how it's reflected in the comic. The artist seems like a thoughtful person who is really trying to help people laugh their way through the current economic crisis.

I found two stories on MSNBC that aren't exactly good news but are still fun to read and catch your attention enough to make you think, "hm, this is interesting." Or at least I did. The first is a story about a man and woman who are now connected by more than marital status. The second is kind of a nice reflection on how good things can happen in the most unlikely places.

One story I think is phenomenal I also found on MSNBC. As the story rightly points out, dogs can be trained to sniff for bombs and drugs, so why can't they be trained to sniff out something else, say peanut protein? One little girl is so allergic to peanuts, even touching the tiniest piece of shell can be life-threatening. But thanks to some ingenuity from her mom, she can now have a more normal life.

And the last story I found in the Lees Summit Journal reminded me of the kindness of strangers. A man happened along a teenager who drove into a lake, and he just dove right in to help her, regardless of his own safety. I guess we don't all have to be Blanche DuBois.

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