Monday, March 30, 2009

Needed it this morning...

It's funny how much this blog is for as for my friends. This morning came far too quickly and brought with it crappy weather. I'd almost rather it poured than this dishwater sky and perpetual misting that gets you just wet enough to be annoyed. And then I finally admitted Yahoo! has declared war on my Mac. So I spent much of this morning transferring my old emails and contacts over to my Gmail account because I'm just sick of not being able to send an email from my laptop. So the happy news did me just as much good as I hope it does you.

This one's from my own backyard, as it were. I missed the original story since I very rarely watch the news on TV, but apparently a few weeks ago, a farmer in North Scituate, Mass. was profiled on ABC 6 News since he was about to lose his farm to foreclosure. This isn't any normal farm, however. From what I gather he "rescues" farm animals and keeps them on his land. According to the news station, requests to donate to the man came flooding in after the first report, so this link goes to an update on the story since he has now collected enough to stave off foreclosure. 

And now for news from my other backyard, my home state. An AP report told of an inmate crew working on a highway in Maryland who spotted a runaway toddler walking down the middle of the busy road and spent three hours babysitting until the parents could be located.

A family in Spokane, Wash., showed real strength of spirit and sense of community when it returned a dog it bought on Craigslist, unaware the dog had disappeared from another family's home months earlier (

The AP had an update today on the flooding situation in North Dakota. The river appears to have crested below original estimates, so while it still has the capacity to rise, so far so good for those who live and work in the area. 

And last, but not least, CNN reported the story of an Ohio girl who life was saved because actress Natasha Richardson lost hers. The little girl was struck in the head by a line drive hit by her brother and appeared fine, but her parents called the pediatrician even though the child seemed fine.

Just because I needed a little extra boost today...

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