Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More immediate good news...

So lately it seems like I've been surrounded by people who've had good things happen to them. That's fun for me because I get to see how happy they are and help them celebrate. Recently, one of my co-workers announced she is pregnant and another got married. Then this morning I received a phone call from a college friend who told me she is pregnant. Weddings and babies, who doesn't love that? : ) 

Two men in the Boston area are being hailed as heroes after they caught a toddler who fell three stories out of her house in Lawrence last night, the Boston Herald reported. Toys flying out of the window attracted the first man's attention, and that man's screams brought a second one out of a Bible study. 

Most of the stories I find involve people helping people. Which is great - especially right now when a sense of community is vital. But this next story from greatpetnet.com involves the "Mother Theresa of Dogs" and I think it's fantastic. I've heard that you need to treat animals as animals; they do not have human feelings and thoughts. But Jasmine the greyhound is one of those cases that simply has to be an exception.

The Environment News Service reports on President Obama signing the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 into law yesterday. The legislation contains 164 separate bills, but the one that stands out is the piece that will protect two million acres of wilderness in nine states and a 1000 miles of rivers - a 50 percent increase in the wild and scenic riverway system. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had a great quote that's buried near the end of the story - "... for America's national character - our optimism, our dreams, our shared stories - are rooted in our landscapes."

Sometimes when big corporations do giveaways, particularly freebies, people look for the hidden catch. It just seems to be that you can never trust a big company to do something totally for a little guy. CBS News highlighted several businesses who have discovered doing the right thing can pay big dividends.

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