Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bippity, Boppity, Boo...

I've had to wear my big girl pants a lot lately, whether it's getting a new radiator for my car before the warranty runs out or tracking down a gym I can join after my physical therapy ends. This is definitely the part of life no one tells you about when you're little and think when you're big you can do whatever you want. Cinderella was definitely misleading; my fairy godmother has been MIA for a while. 

But in the San Francisco Bay area, there is a group of women who call themselves the Fairy Godmother Society. Three times a year they get together, dig up an unsung community organization and send it an unsolicited donation with notes of appreciation for its work (San Francisco Chronicle). One more reason I should move to San Francisco, I guess. : ) 

My mom is a teacher who has a class with autistic children in it. It seems like almost every time she calls, she has stories for me about the unexpected and usually sweet interactions she has with those children. So when I saw a story in the Boston Globe about a grandfather who designed a web browser for his autistic grandson, I took notice. The grandfather, who owns a software design business, offers his browser for free to anyone who needs it.

A column I read in Newsweek online proves that even the "hard-bitten, cynical journalist" type can be affected by too much bad news. In his column, a reporter recounts his recent conversion to good news.

Finally, the BBC reported on an unusual rescue in Thailand. A little boy got scared on his first day at a new school and climbed out on a ledge. A quick-thinking (and it turns out, creative) fireman was able to save the day.

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