Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trying to keep the smiles coming...

These always make me smile, particularly when the ring true for me. Yesterday morning my kitty woke me up not once but twice in the middle of the night by ever so nicely slapping me on the cheek with her claws out. She wanted some attention. 

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I can say without a doubt that even on day two of doing this, reading these stories before I post them has put me in a better frame of mind already. Now when I read the news sites, I also comb them for happy stories. Helps balance it all out.

In "Grateful for rescuers," a man from California expresses his gratitude to the people who helped him after his car flipped over in a traffic accident (The Reporter, Vacaville, Calif.).

As you probably know, animals are close to my heart, so I am happy to have two stories featuring happy endings for dogs today. The Sun-Journal in Lewiston, Maine features this story about Buck the golden retriever who was found after being lost for six months, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel had a story on the SPCA booth at a local Pooches at the Park event. Apparently Little Trixie took advantage of a windy day for an adventure and was dropped off at the SPCA until her human could be found.

Last, but certainly not least, are the stories of two families reunited after many years apart. Two sisters who lost each other for 74 years met again thanks to the investigative work of a grand-daughter (KPIC 4, Roseburg, Ore.), while MySpace brought a family back together after 30 years (News 3, Savannah/Hilton Head, S.C.).

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