Friday, March 20, 2009

heart-warm-ing: adj. Causing gladness and tender feelings: a heartwarming tale

I love reading these stories every morning because they put me in a better, happier frame of mind. Today's articles had a little something extra that went beyond simple enjoyment. Good news brings momentary cheer, but heartwarming stories make you feel a little better about society and life in general.

I'm not entirely sure how this ended up in the Singapore Enquirer, but it mentioned people who are being called "recession angels." The story starts off with a man who is a nice reminder that those at the tops of banks and corporations aren't all greedy, horrible people. After selling his bank, he gave $60 million of the profit in bonuses to current and former staffers at all levels. 

It's always nice when a community pulls together and not just to help people dig out from a tornado or some other large-scale problem. In Canada, a loosely bound group of strangers in neighboring towns worked together to help one couple with a baby on the way find their dearly loved pooch who took off chasing a rabbit. (Edmonton Journal)

The Iraq war has been going on for over five years now, and you hear all about the big conflicts and battlefield success stories. But sometimes the everyday life back in the US for soldiers' families gets lost. You forget these people have more to their lives than picking up a gun and patrolling hostile countries. WOWK 13 News in Hungtington, W.Va. reported on a simple wish coming true: a 3 year-old soldier's son wished for his daddy to pick him up from school. 

Sometimes the justice system in this country can seem a little unjust. Laws are in place to protect us, but sometimes they have unintended consequences for those who are just trying to do the right thing. The Orlando Sentinel reported on a happy ending for a grandmother who had tried repeatedly to get custody of her great-grandson only to be denied by the Florida courts. 

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