Thursday, March 12, 2009

Definitely need this this morning...

I got some bad news last night about someone I used to work for and with that definitely unsettled me, so the happy news stories were required reading this morning. I'm just glad I could find this many. 

ABC News recently reported on people it's calling "Recession Angels" - people who don't have much of their own but still give of themselves to help others. One pharmacist in Alabama gave his employees $16,000 of his own money in cash with two stipulations. They had to give 15% of what they got to charity and spend the rest in local businesses. 

Most of you know I studied abroad in Ireland my junior of college and actually ended up minoring in Irish Studies. Since then I've kept a close eye on the doings of the Irish and Northern Irish. Having visited Belfast briefly - thank you, food poisoning - I got a look at the situation and setting of the "Troubles," so news stories about the conflict always catch my attention. I was really pleased to see this Boston Globe story about Catholics/Protestants and Irish/Northern Irish banding together against the violence finally. Being there showed me how hard it is for them to break habit and stop fighting each other. 

The Baltimore Sun (yay, Maryland!) had an article about a man who left his house to the SPCA who had guardianship of the man's dog should the man outlive his companion. The man was so concerned about his dog's welfare he gave his $1 million home to the animal shelter as a bequest. 

Along a similar vein, a story that appeared in the Montgomery Advertiser told the story of a dog who was returned to his owner after five years. The dog didn't seem to be worse for the wear. 

Who says high school students today aren't socially aware and are unable to shut up? Students at South Huron High School took a 24-hour vow of silence to aid the "Free the Children" project and raise money for a well in Kenya. The Times-Advocate in Exeter, Ontario, Canada, reported some of the students not only didn't talk, they cut off all forms of communication - texting, emailing and social networking sites like Facebook. 

As if tightening your belt through this economy wasn't enough, it's insult to injury when you have your things stolen from you. Police in Pennsylvania uncovered a ring of daylight thefts in Lackawanna County, using eBay of all things. Victims of the female thief were invited to come and identify their stolen possessions. All expressed joy that while they couldn't take them home yet, they were just glad to have found their (mostly) heirlooms again. (WNEP 16)

And last, but certainly not least - it gave me the biggest laugh of the morning - Chris Buckley of the Daily Beast decided that if he couldn't read good news, he'd write it himself.

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