Monday, March 23, 2009

Start of Spring...

It is still bugger-all cold up here, but on a walk home during the one nice day we had last week, I spotted the first flowers of spring braving the elements to bring a little color to our lives - finally. 

I found a lot of nice, upbeat stories upon firing up the computer this morning. A wide variety of different things. No real theme, just a bunch of good news which is always welcome. published an editorial on "stopping the recession obsession." It's a little kumbaya, but it makes a few good points on how positivity and staying positive not only helps ourselves but helps the economy.

The police officers of Surprise, Ariz., got a surprise of their own when called to handle a traffic obstruction - a fugitive 75-pound tortoise (

Some might think 20 years of service in the military would be enough of a contribution to America, but one man in Lima, Ohio, has gone a step further, volunteering for the Elks in his retirement. He considers it an honor to help his fellow veterans with even the simplest of things. 

The First Lady is taking a grassroots approach as well. She gathered a group of successful, famous women in the White House last week before taking their show on the road to multiple DC-area high schools to meet with local children. First Lady Obama's mission was to encourage the children to work hard and reach for their dreams as well as demystify the White House, according to the Washington Post.

A World War II-era veteran received a surprise when he went back to his high school on what he thought was a public speaking engagement. To a standing ovation from the student body, the man was given an honorary high school diploma 69 years after he left school to enlist in the Navy at the start of the Second World War (Star-Tribune).

Take a good look at the pictures in this story about three Darfur refugees. The Grand Rapids News tells the story of three Sudanese men made refugees by the Darfur crisis. The joy they feel at being in the U.S. with a second chance on life is written all over their faces.   

This last one isn't so much good news as something I found cool. A couple, curious at what its cat did all day, attached a digital camera to his neck and timed it so it took a photo every two minutes. They started a blog with his photos and adventures and it appears to have blown up, helped more than a little by the fact the little guy is a pretty decent photographer. He's been on Good Morning America! and has had his own gallery show attended by 400 people on the opening night. 

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