Thursday, May 28, 2009

The science of entertaining children...

A while back I went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore with my little cousins, and it is one of my favorite memories with them. The boys love animals and wildlife and facts about animals and wildlife, and the aquarium then was hosting an exhibit on seahorses. There were loads of different varieties in all sizes and colors. The boys (and I) were fascinated. 

I was intrigued by a story on the Top 10 New Species of 2008 I found on first because I live with three physicists and used to live with one marine biology PhD candidate. I was curious to see what new things were found. But when I saw one was a very tiny seahorse, I got very excited and nostalgic for the day I took my cousins to the aquarium. 

In another fun combination of children and science, I found a review of a show in Malaysia that seems to be the latest incarnation of Mr. Wizard or Bill Nye, the Science Guy - depending on your generation. : ) The Star Online reported Dr. Bunhead (real name: Tom Pringle) kept children entertained with loud explosions and lighting bubbles on fire (among other things) and managed to teach them some basic science as well - delighting both the parents and children in attendance.

Myron Rolle was another child whose interest in science and biology was encouraged, and he turned out to not only be a star safety for the Florida State football team but also a Rhodes Scholar. Yahoo! Sports had a fairly lengthy and good article on Rolle and how his tremendous family influence as well as his personal drive and intelligence propelled him toward a feat as unusual as a shooting star - being an elite student and an elite athlete. As much as the NCAA does not like to admit it, those two things are usually mutually exclusive. But Rolle is a wonderful exception to that, and to him I wish nothing but the best of luck. 

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