Monday, May 18, 2009

The blog post has two faces...

Today I have two mini-themes. It's kinda funny how neatly it fits - two stories to each theme. I like when things work out like that, nice and tidy. 

One story from last week comes from, and it highlights the city of San Francisco's astounding 72% recycling rate. That is the highest rate in the entire United States, and it doesn't just include bottles and cans. The mayor has also decreed the city recycle all waste from construction sites too. 

Patagonia Inc., outdoor equipment and clothing extraordinaire, has made the news for its program encouraging employees to take green methods of transportation to work. reports the Reno, Nev.-based organization actually pays its employees company credit to bike or carpool to work. The company is hoping to reduce its carbon footprint and promote the benefits of exercise and sunshine to workers. 

The other two stories I found very cutely feature public service workers rescuing animals. 

Everyone always jokes about how in safe towns the only thing the firefighters have to do is rescue kittens from trees.

Milford, N.H.'s has a story on firefighters who were called to do just that. A large crowd of neighbors and friends of the family who owned the 10 month-old cat gathered below for 52 hours to watch the rescue operation and offer support to the family.

A police officer in Patchogue, Long Island, went above and beyond, I'm sure, of what she signed on for the first day at the academy. Looking at it, I guess technically she went below... Eileen Emiddio responded to a call from a bystander of a frantic mama duck pacing by a storm grate. Emiddio found 14 ducklings had somehow fallen into the sewer, so she climbed down and rescued all 14 of the little fluffballs. The ducky little family swam away happily after being released in a stream.
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