Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little faces...

Over the weekend I found out that one of my favorite relatives (yes, I know it's bad form to admit you have them, but come on, people, everyone does) is pregnant. Yay for more good news. : ) 

Britain's The Sun had a story two days ago on a single mother of five who won the lottery in December to the tune of 7.5 million pounds, which to my guesstimate is about $5 million. I don't know if there is a British equivalent of Sally Struthers, but the lotto winner was affected all the same by the commercials about poor children in Africa. She committed some of her lotto winnings to help orphanages and organizations that help orphaned children in Ethiopia., a TV news channel in Atlanta, has a lovely little story about five year-old Maddi Goss. When she was three, Maddi was diagnosed with liver cancer but received a life-saving liver transplant. This story seems to catch up with her as she celebrates her fifth birthday, cancer-free.

The story of Tustin Mains, a six year-old Nebraska boy, is showcased on His father was driving home with Tustin and his three year-old younger brother when the father passed out from low blood sugar. Tustin climbed up front,  took the wheel and guided the truck along the road until he was spotted by a passing police officer who stopped the car. The local police chief hails the little boy as "a very special young man."

(Photo credit: The Sun)

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