Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back on course...

Fortified by surprise bagels from a co-worker, I'm back with a theme for today's post. Dun-dun-DA! It's the power inherent in positive thinking. Shocker, right? : ) Ground-breaking information on a happy news blog... :-P

The Minneapolis Star Tribune posted an article with some sound, sensible advice to those who have been left unemployed by the current economic crisis. I like this article because it manages to acknowledge the recession without getting down about it, and still offers solid steps to take to get back on the job with minimal wallowing. 

I myself have been guilty of looking at people who "have it all" with some curiosity and not a little envy. I mean, seriously, how do they do it? The Huffington Post has a column that drew its inspiration from the book "Living a Charmed Life" by Victoria Moran. The book takes the power of positive thinking and turns it into action to help people become someone who "has it all." I'm not sure how effective it is, having never read it, but if you're so motivated, I don't really see the harm in going after what you want. You might actually get it. : )  

One little girl who did take that step to go after what she wanted got the ball rolling in a major way. Middle-schooler Ty'sheoma Bethea wrote a letter to Congress asking for money from the stimulus to fix up her run-down, rural South Carolina school. Her letter caught the eye of President Obama and a Chicago-based industrial furniture dealer. The dealer donated over $250,000 worth of new furniture to replace desks and chairs that date from 1940 and were still in use. Teachers and volunteers spent a whole weekend on the surprise transformation that also included painting the cafeteria in school colors, according to the Charleston Post and Courier.

(Photo credit: Charleston Post and Courier) 

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