Thursday, May 21, 2009

Make way for ducklings...and cats...and horses...

I'm not sure if this says more about me or others, but within the last year I've been appalled to come across two people who live in Boston (though are admittedly not natives) who have never read "Make Way for Ducklings." It is a classic children's story set in Boston about a family of ducks that makes its way from the Charles River to its new home in the Public Gardens. There's even a set of bronze statues in the Gardens commemorating the ducklings and their mama. I have the book on my shelf and am perfectly willing to lend it to anyone in the area who wishes to read it. 

Recently I posted a story on a police officer on Long Island who rescued ducklings from a sewer. It turns out those lucky ducks (sorry, I had to) were not that far from my college roommate's current address. Today I found a story on a man in Spokane, Wash. (far from anyone I know...I think) who helped 12 ducklings off a ledge. According to United Press International, the mama duck had made her nest on the concrete ledge of a downtown office building. The ducklings' birth and subsequent lives were recorded by the office workers and posted online. When it came time for the ducklings to jump 12 feet to the ground to go to water, Joel Armstrong caught each one and put it on the ground then, with the aid of some co-workers, stopped traffic so the little family could go to a nearby pond. 

I spotted a potential new entry into the Guinness Book of World Records when I logged onto my email this morning. A video on shows Bitsy, a 6-inch, 1.5 pound cat, who lives in Pensacola, Fla., and is a contender for world's smallest full-grown cat. The kitty is very feisty, but half the fun of this particular video is watching Anderson Cooper try to contain his annoyance at having to report such a fluff piece. 

As part of MSNBC's "Making a Difference" segment, the station told the story of a woman who suffered the loss of her beloved show horse at the hands of a tornado. The community rallied around her, and in a miracle of science, she now has a piece of her lost companion alive and well and prancing around the pasture.
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