Friday, May 22, 2009

Angels in the Outfield...

They must put something in the water up here in Boston. Hatred for the Yankees is practically viral here. I'm not even from New England, and somehow it sucked me in during college. I have since regained my level head (after graduating and moving back down south), but now I'm back up here, and I just have to shake my head at the potency of "us vs. them" mentality. 

Regardless about how you feel about the pin stripes, this story from (and the follow up in Newsday) is amazing. Yankee Brett Gardner made what, at the start, was probably a routine community service visit to a local hospital. While there, he met a special little girl who had been waiting 107 days for a heart transplant. She gave him a Project Sunshine bracelet and told him if he held onto it, he would hit a home run. Gardner is no power-hitter, but he is apparently very speedy. In his next game, he hit a looping shot to the warning track and flew around the bases for an inside-the-park home run. He went 0-for-4 in his next game but found out afterwards the little girl had received her new heart that day and was doing better

England's Daily Mail reported on a woman who turned her grief at the loss of her husband into a 'round-the-world trek to raise money for prostate cancer. After losing her second husband to the cancer, Rosie Swale-Pope ran 20,000 over five years on a continuous solo trip around the world. I'm still trying to decide if this was foolish or inspirational, but her story is quite amazing.

My last article for today is from, and it highlights a bat boy. Ty Godfrey is 13 years old and collects bats and shags flies with the Monmouth University baseball team. That all sounds normal, but he was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 7 1/2. He has gone through chemo, radiation and rehab to learn to walk again. He's also on growth hormones, but he goes out every chance he gets to the ballpark. The little boy and the team really seem to have bonded

(Photo credit: Star-Ledger)

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