Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A true public servant...

I believe Socrates once said something along the lines of "the man best suited for public office is usually the one who has no interest in running." I do not have the patience to Google search for the exact quote, but what he meant was those who can do the most good in public service are the ones who do not have the temperament to handle all the nonsense that goes with it. 

Thankfully the late Senator Ted Kennedy did. Through a series of misfortunes and incidents he somehow managed to end up exactly where he needed to be - in the legislature. He did some amazing things and had a large hand in shaping American foreign and domestic policy for nearly 50 years. He worked on both sides of the aisle and was a relentless champion for his causes. has a brilliant article on his life and accomplishments and all the good he did for other people. I'm from after his political prime (and not particularly political unless you get me riled up), so I didn't know a whole lot about the man until today. But I'm glad he was around. 

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