Monday, August 17, 2009

The odd time when I miss something by not watching reality tv...

[Interior: late afternoon, early evening; in an apartment, a man and a woman sit facing one another on opposite couches; each has a laptop open]

Roommate: Hey, do you watch "America's Got Talent?"

Me: No. 

Roommate: Well, I'm sending you this anyway. 

[Roommate types (you can hear clicking noises)]

Roommate: It's a video of the winner of the Ukrainian version of that show. 

[I look up, one eyebrow raised]

Roommate: She paints with sand. She does this whole thing about the Nazis invading the Ukraine during World War II.

[Both of my eyebrows are now raised as high as physiologically possible]

Me: Seriously?

Roommate: Just watch it. It's mesmerizing.

And darned if he wasn't right. This video is 8:33 long but worth every second. I was immediately tempted to make a joke along the lines of "The Ukraine has talent?" but after watching this video...I mean, wow. She is good. I do have to tell you one thing about the end (and no, this does not give anything away). What she writes translates to, "You are always near."

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