Thursday, August 27, 2009

Age ain't nuthin' but a number...

My roommate got "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" from Netflix the other day. I read the original story on Project Gutenberg, and the premise of a man aging backwards intrigued me. It does seem a little unfair that the simplest and sometimes easiest parts of life are when you're too young to appreciate them, and when you've finally earned the right to relax, you have health problems and other issues that aren't fun. 

Thankfully, today's stories all refuse to conform to that standard.

The New York Daily News posted a story on Marty Alvey, a 90 year-old great-great grandfather, who suddenly got his sight back after being declared legally blind for many years. Doctors are at a loss to explain what happened, but Alvey is treasuring the chance to look at photos of his family and say hi to friends and neighbors. I love his quote at the very end of the story - so dear. 

Alvey's overwhelming appreciation for getting his sight back and all the little things that come with that is certainly an example of this next article. Studies released by the American Psychological Association has shown that happiness and mental health improve with time. According to a US News article, older adults are better able to limit negative influences and are less likely to let negative comments affect them, thus limiting stressful situations. 

South Carolinian Solomon Jackson, Jr. will likely not have to worry about negativity. The 63 year-old retired state employee recently won a $260M Powerball jackpot, according to Yahoo! News. Beating the odds of 1 in 195 million, Jackson has won the largest jackpot won by a ticket bought in South Carolina. Despite now being very, very, very rich, Jackson seems to fit right in with the spirit of the previous two articles - happy, healthy, humble and enjoying his life

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