Monday, August 24, 2009

Sources of inspiration...

I get inspired by both the oddest and most mundane things. And usually one will inspire an idea of the opposite extreme. For example, watching an HGTV episode on redoing an Arts & Crafts house inspired me to replicate some typical stained glass designs from the period in cookies. Or a puzzle I picked up on a sort-of whim gave me the idea to completely do over a bathroom in my future home with a San Francisco theme (yeah, I know, but I have no idea what to tell you). Or a passing remark or random observation while out on a walk develops into my latest children's story. 

For artist Bill Guffey, his inspiration is Google. More specifically, Google Street View. The Christian Science Monitor reports Guffey is based out of rural Kentucky but frequently paints scenes from London, Paris and all other fancy cosmopolitan cities. He does it by typing in random locations in Google Maps and using the Street Views that come up as the scene. He recently finished a series on all 50 states. The photo for today's post comes from his blog. It's a scene from Burkesville, Ky. 

Some people find inspiration in popular media - books, music and movies. For me these usually provide a form of comfort or escapism, but whatever floats your boat. has a story on a movie character come to life - Ricky "Bobby" James. If you draw inspiration from "Talladega Nights," I'd worry about you, but Ricky James is definitely someone worth looking up to. The 20 year-old car racer is a paraplegic after breaking the T7 bone in his spine at 16. He has since competed in all sorts of competitions I wouldn't try as a person with full use of her extremities and has won the 2008 West Coast Pro Truck Championship. 

So keep a weather eye out. Maybe the smallest thing you notice today will send you off in a completely different direction. Happens to me all the time...that explains a lot actually. ; )

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