Friday, June 19, 2009

Two by two...

We're in the midst of Noah rain up here, and there is no end in sight. Last year we had two days of spring - TWO. This year it appears spring will last until July. Really? Seriously? I mean, come on. 

But the expression "Noah rain" got me thinking about the ark and the whole pair of animals thing. So I decided to look for animal stories to brighten my gray, cloudy and, oddly enough, humid day. 

I tried to embed the following video from the AP, but Blogger was having none of it. It's a little two-minute piece on an elephant sanctuary out in San Andreas, Calif., which houses former performing pachyderms. 

The columnist Ask Ollie in the Chicago Post-Tribune had a column last week on a happy ending at a rescue shelter. It seems a runaway dog found his way to the shelter, and through a series of adoptions and returns, the dog actually his way back home. 

My last four stories all come from Clicking on one tale about turtles led me to the mother lode of animal videos. These are all brief clips (usually 30 seconds) on cute little animals. : ) The first is a short on how the Thai navy is doing its part to save endangered baby turtles. The next is a rather ingenious solution to both saving money and keeping up on lawncare - wallabies. The last two both concern penguins. One is a little clip on the newest residents of a Milwaukee zoo, while the other is actually rather timely considering last weekend was Gay Pride around the country. It seems there is a pair of gay penguins in a German zoo who have been raising a chick together after a heterosexual penguin couple abandoned it. 

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