Monday, June 8, 2009

It's a small world...

That was my favorite ride at Disney World when I was little. I must have made my dad get on that with me at least four times on our first trip to Mickey Mouse's house. Probably back-to-back. Now, the song is teeth-gratingly annoying to listen to, but for some reason lost to my adult brain, I loved getting in that little boat and very slowly "circumnavigating the globe" looking at all the dolls in native dress. 

However, according to Britain's Daily Telegraph, Walt Disney World has some competition in the Happiest Place on Earth category. In an ironic twist to anyone who knows Aussie-Kiwi relations, the Australia-based Global Peace Index recently named New Zealand the world's most peaceful nation due to its low crime rate, political stability and respect for human rights among 20 other criteria.

Two other stories come from the British Isle, or The Place that Populated Australia with Convicts. : ) The Daily Mail reports on a reunion of Pentillie Castle babies. During the Blitz, an entire town's maternity ward was shipped off to a local castle to ensure safe delivery of the town's babies during the bombings. At least 200 children were born at the castle during World War II and for the first time in 50 years they, and some of the mothers, came together to meet. 

Finally, England's oldest living World War I veteran recently celebrated his 113th birthday. Henry Allingham, one of two WWI vets left in Britain,  had his cake delivered by Royal Marines and received a flyover from the Royal Navy, according to Yahoo!

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