Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good...

I'm sorry; I've been trying to avoid using that title for pretty much as long as I had this blog. But this morning I'm sleepy and my defenses are down. I'm...powerless...to...resist. You will have guessed by now my theme for today is reunions. It still makes me marvel even this far into doing this blog how stories sort of seem to show up in themed groups even though they almost always come from different sources. 

The first one today is from the Times Online in Britain. In 1982 a woman lost her son after her ex-husband took him for the day, supposedly to the zoo. In reality the man fled with the boy to Hungary. Since that country was, at that time, on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, the woman had little recourse in tracking down her boy, but with the fall of Communism and the rise of social media, an aunt reconnected her and her son via Facebook.

Part of the fallout from the economic crisis I see on occasion at the animal shelter where I volunteer is people having to give up their pets due to finances or losing a home. KPHO.com in Phoenix, Ariz., featured a story on a man who was evicted and was forced to board his two cats since he was living in his car. The owner of the pet resort where the cats were staying heard about the man's situation and offered him a job working the night shift. The man has gotten a daytime job since and is working toward finding a place to live.

My uncle was a state trooper for years and at one point adopted a former police dog who had "retired." The Visalia Times-Delta reported on a local K-9 policeman who did something similar. Detective Andy Garcia worked with German shepherd Tigar for three years before being promoted out of the K-9 unit. Tigar rode everywhere with the officer during patrols. When the dog suffered an injury in training and was forced into early retirement, Officer Garcia bought the dog from the department and brought him home as the family pet. 

(Photo credit: Visalia Times-Delta)

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