Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Morning Potluck...

All of the stories I found on this lovely, if chilly, late spring morning are in no way connected to each other, but they are all fun in different ways. reports that the state of Maryland "hired" 40 bearded goats to work for the state highway administration, trimming grass along the highways in an effort to make the MD bureaucracy more green and to save the bog turtles who live in the area and are listed as a threatened species. 

English businessman Jeremy Taylor foiled a robbery attempt on his own lumber company over the weekend. What really makes this unusual is that he did it in a helicopter. The AOPA Online website states Taylor had just taken off in his private craft when he spotted the robber leaving his lumber yard. Taylor flew after it and enlisted family help in trailing the van. The robber was eventually caught and punished. 

Last but not least, when I saw the headline of this next story I could not resist clicking on it - "Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals." NRC Handelsbad relates the story of how just 20 years ago the Netherlands had a shortage of prison cells, but now, due to a trend of declining crime, the Dutch will be closing eight prisons. And this is the country that legalized prostitution and marijuana...hmmm. :-P

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