Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I cheered up when I just realized it's not Monday...

I am a very sleepy girl today despite the fact a train could have chugged through my room last night, and I would not have heard it. I guess it doesn't help the weather is kinda gross, but I have been dragging more and more as the day has gone on. You, my unfortunate readers, now have to put up with my lacklusterness (yes, I did just make that up), which will probably come through your computer in bits and bytes. For that, I apologize.

Nevertheless, skimming through my stories to pick which ones to post today did lift my spirits somewhat. The adorable little boy at left is featured in theislandpacket.com's story about him receiving a specially designed tryke to help him negotiate his way in the world. He was born with all sorts of medical problems, but "L.B." has gained confidence and improved in motor skills and learning because of this little bike.

Another remarkable young boy recently graduated from a Los Angelos college...at age 11. I'm pretty sure I still hadn't learned to type by then. The story on NBC Los Angelos' website talks about how Moshe Kai Cavalin started classes at East LA Community College at 8 and then began tutoring his classmates (19 and 20 year-olds) shortly thereafter. He's also a martial arts whiz.

You all know I'm a sucker for a good news story about animals. WWLTV.com in New Orleans posted a story last week about a man and his dog. Jessie Pullins and J.J. were separated when Katrina rolled into town, and Pullins was forced to leave J.J. behind. He left food and put the dog up high thinking, like most other residents of Louisiana, that he'd be back in a day or two. Four years later, Pullins and J.J. were reunited after the dog was rescued and accidentally put up for adoption in California.

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