Thursday, April 16, 2009

Okay, so I dislike Simon Cowell a little less this morning...

This blog has helped me have a more positive attitude in general, but I discovered this morning I'm still fighting with a cynicism I developed when I moved to a city for the first time. I have heard about Sally Boyle, the woman who sang on Britain's Got Talent last week. I saw all the video links to her performance, but I never clicked on them because I figured they would have a mean tone to them, especially since Yahoo! had a teaser that highlighted she was 47 and had never been kissed. But my friend Katie sent me a YouTube clip of the performance and the judges' reaction with the subject line "Watch this and I DARE you to tell me it didn't brighten your day". 

So I figured I'd click on this one. And I would be lying if I said it didn't brighten my morning. Yes, it starts out a little embarrassing for the woman, but by the end, you just feel so happy for her

And while I'm on video clips that made me warm and fuzzy, I have to include the following story from FoxNews in Detroit, Mich. Normally I don't like FoxNews since I lean in the other direction politically, and I have not seen much good news coming out of Detroit since the recession started. But this report about the return of two stolen pomeranians to their five year-old owner is great. You have to play the clip to see his absolutely precious smile

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Sorry... I just kinda had to...

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