Friday, April 3, 2009

Always look on the bright side of life..

In addition to that line coming from one of my favoritest movies ever, it's good advice. Standing on the sunny side of the street or searching for the silver lining... Whatever you call it, it means looking for the best part of a bad situation, which somehow puts you in a better frame of mind to deal with the rest of the bad than you were before you found the good. 

This theory is epitomized in the Unemployed Olympics, the brainchild of several New Yorkers who have been, in the kind words of the New York Times, made redundant. People from all over the city came to compete in several contests that put a fun spin on office tasks. Yeah, it may have done absolutely nothing for their job search, but I'm sure plenty of them now feel slightly better about life

A different medium has joined the drumbeat of good news broadcasting. Unfortunately, AM 1310 KLIX probably doesn't reach much outside of Southern Idaho, but it made a pledge to talk about only good news for 24 hours, starting this morning. The morning show took calls from people with stories to tell, and for the rest of the day, every half an hour the station will have good news updates during its syndicated content. 

It's nice to know these days when people are hunkering down and putting the cash under the mattress there are some out there still worried about the future of the non-human species on the planet. As reported in Reuters India, this month begins a migration of a rare butterfly through Taiwan, the route of which crosses a busy highway where last year there was actually enough of a butterfly roadkill rate to have to measure it. This year, the Taiwanese government took steps to protect these creatures. Yes, some of the actions taken may briefly inconvenience people now, but eventually when we come out of our bunkers and want to see the outside world again, there will still be nature to look at. 

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