Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a mad March...

Yesterday was the start of the 2010 NCAA men's basketball tourney. Which means people will be mentally and physically checking out of work for the next few weeks. Research firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas estimate $1.8 billion will be lost to US companies in productivity as people tune into scores and games via ESPN or March Madness on Demand on CBS Sports online. posted a story on a way to recoup some of that productivity and not miss a minute of the action. Peppino's Sports Lounge in Grand Rapids, Mich., hosted a "work-in," where people could reserve a table for a few hours or the afternoon and bring their laptops while they watched. The proceeds of the event, around $4000, went to a local parks organization to refurbish the city's basketball courts.

Those of you watching Murray State/Vanderbilt yesterday definitely got your money's worth. A buzzer-beater by Danero Thomas turned into a bracket-buster for most people (myself included). Thomas's shot was one of three last-second salvage bids that helped turn yesterday into a tourney opening-day for the ages. But I'm willing to bet very few people know anything about Murray State. Dennis Dodd's column on gives the reader a view into one of the country's tiniest programs in Nowhere, Kentucky. As they say and as you'll see, Murray State has a lot of heart.

And for those of you who don't have any interest in sports but like the competitive element, I offer Jezebel's version of March Madness: Cake vs. Pie. Site visitors are encouraged to vote for each match up daily, until only one pie and one cake remain. They will then battle for the title of...duh duh duh...Favorite Dessert.

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