Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good news from where?...

A week or so ago, I wanted to do a post on good news out of the Middle East. I had a couple of stories that bordered on good news, but nothing I really felt strongly enough to post. So I scrapped it.

Today I'm trying again.

My first story was the tipping point for this second attempt. Google News hosted an AP story which profiles Abdullah Qazi, an Afghani immigrant to the United States who was frustrated by the lack of good news about his old country in his new one. He got sick of the suicide bombs, the fallen soldiers and families ripped apart and set up Some of the headlines Qazi has up right now include the inauguration of a rebuilt runway, the on-going success of a campaign against opium, and the export of pomegranate juice.

Monsters and Critics, a site I have to admit I've never been to before reading the following story, posted a story on the Olympic women's alpine event. Columnist David Hein stuck around with dozens of other members of the international press between runs to talk to the second-to-last finisher - Iranian Marjan Kalhor. The 21 year-old was her country's flag bearer and is the first woman Iran has ever sent to the Winter Olympics.

Finally, WFIE 14 (out of who knows where) posted the AP story on a rare archaeological and biblical find. Two pieces of the Song of the Sea, a Jewish scroll from the "silent period," were reunited after centuries of separation. The 1300 year-old fragments make up the text of the song the Israelites sang after fleeing slavery in Egypt. Scholars are ecstatic to have the pieces together to give them a glimpse of the time between the third and 10th centuries, from which we have no extant writings.

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