Thursday, February 25, 2010

A clash of not-exactly-titans...

More like make-believe entertainment figures. But that wouldn't have made for a catchy blog post title. Robin Hood and Jed Clampett meet in today's post. How's that for an odd couple?

RobinHood702 has made it a practice of taking from the rich casinos and giving his winnings to the poor. Fox News broke the story of the Sin City do-gooder who uses his gambling skills to benefit those less fortunate back in 2008. His efforts were first noticed when he flew the Kegler family to Las Vegas and put them up in high style while he won $35,000 for them to cover their daughter's medical expenses. But now, RobinHood702 has added a Maid Marian and Little John to his posse (to take the metaphor just a little too far...).

Anyone over the age of 40 or with access to TV Land knows "The Beverly Hillbillies." Backwoods Texan family strikes it rich with oil and moves to Beverly Hills. Well, Yahoo! is reporting of a similar event (minus the dueling banjos and migration) in North Dakota. A massive oil reserve has been located under the Three Affiliated Tribes' Fort Berthold Indian Reservation which has brought money and jobs flowing into the area. Since oil was struck a year ago, over $179 million in lease payments has been made to the tribe and millions more in royalties and tax revenue have also come in. For the first time in anyone's memory, people are returning to the reservation for the opportunities which now abound there.


Rob Williams' column in The Province, a Vancouver, Canada daily, uses the Games as a motivation to get fit. The kinesiologist and posture specialist does a little feature on a pretty motivating 76 year-old fellow gym-user who should be able to shame those of use more than half her age into exercising at least a little before listing several easy suggestions for getting moving. This comes at a good time for those who are starting to slip a little (or a lot) on those New Year's resolutions. You know who you are... : )

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