Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The fattest Tuesday...

My blog post title is a paraphrase from a line in an article I read this morning. It referenced how this year's Shrove Tuesday seems to be the perfect combination of joy - the usual MG madness together with the still-going euphoria of the 2009 Superbowl champion Saints.

NOLA.com posted an editorial this morning that really reaches out to the reader and gives them all the reasons they need to get out and dance, regardless of which state in the Union they happen reside.

The image to the left is taken from Carnival Fete-ish, a site which actually has a really good, even description of the history of and current events surrounding Mardi Gras in Louisiana. If nothing else, it taught me that the connection between the names "Mardi Gras" and "Fat Tuesday" is simply that Mardi Gras means fat Tuesday in French.

Because we all know New Orleans knows how to throw a party, Blogcritics.com posted an article looking at three classic cocktails which came from establishments in New Orleans, complete with drink recipes (for those of you still digging out in the DC area).

And another tradition of Mardi Gras has made it all the way to a training base in Mississippi. WDSU Channel 6 reported on "Operation King Cake," in which the news station partnered with a local bakery to send 100 King Cakes to Camp Shelby and some Louisiana soldiers in training. The bakery donated the treats to the 3000 men and women far from their beloved Bourbon Street this week.

If you want to take a gander at some of the festivities going on today, you can catch the action via one of the many web cams trained on various spots in New Orleans. This is one of the few live cameras I found which was in working order this morning.

Finally, my Olympic addition for the day is this short post from Yahoo! Sports. Apparently the Norwegian men's curling team is taking its sartorial inspiration from, of all people, John Daly. And I thought the Czech Republic's pants were bad in the Opening Ceremonies...

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