Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well, would you look at that...

I seem to be on a kids kick this week...It's not really a plan; I'm just going with the flow of the Interwebs. : ) Today's angle is kids getting caught on tape doing fantastic things in sports. The Boston Globe first alerted me to Oliver Wahlstrom. The Globe calls his goal the most-talked about in Boston. Filmed during a promotion at the Garden called the TD Bank Mini 1-on-1, Wahlstrom's shot looks like it would stymie even the great Jacques Plante. The YouTube version of it is below.

While signing onto my Yahoo! account this morning, I spied the following article on Tiger Woods being out-driven by a 12 year-old. After firing two shots into the trees at an event commemorating his first-ever golf course design, Woods invited a member of the crowd to come up and take a shot. Mark Benevenuto Jr., son of the club's co-owner, stepped up and teed up. Benevenuto proceeded to hit not one but two 200-yard drives down the fairway. The video from NBC Philadelphia is pretty cute. And you have to hand it to Tiger, he held his temper in check and congratulated the boy.

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