Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celebrating National Share Your Positivity Week...

This week, from Sunday, Oct. 11 to Saturday, Oct. 17, is National Share Your Positivity Week. Alexa's Angels, a jewelry manufacturer in Windsor, Colo. began the movement, which includes a postivity-sharing website where individuals can post positive experiences and inspirational quotes. In a month, the visitor count to the virtual positivity bank jumped from 2000 to near 27,000, and I hope it keeps rising. The site also provides a positivity contract where companies can pledge to do good things for their employees and communities during this week. Ideas provided include a positivity pizza party, volunteering and practicing random acts of kindness.

One can only hope things like National Share Your Positivity Week influences people's behavior for the better. Volkswagen takes it one step further and uses something it calls "Fun Theory" to catalyze that change in behavior. Since I'm a YouTube neophyte, up until today I was not among the 2 million people who have viewed the VW commercials that have gone viral. The Detroit Free Press alerted me to the ads, which were created by DDB Stockholm. The Piano Stairs commercial is below and the Freep's site has both that and the "Largest Trash Bin in the World." VW hopes viewers will associate the positive feelings they get from choosing responsible behaviors to buying/driving an eco-friendly Volkswagen. Therein lies my problem with my previously chosen profession, but at any rate the ads are memorable, funny and positive.

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