Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's all about me...

So my post today is pretty much all about me. Some of you may know, but I have started a little side business doing desserts and catering small parties. Today was my first "official" party - a baby shower for a girl at work. I was fairly nervous something would go horribly wrong (and my roommates would kill me for taking up all the room in the fridge with assorted baked goods), but all seems to have gone well. A lot of my coworkers took my business cards, and everyone was complimentary about how it looked and tasted. Most importantly, our little mama-to-be was pleased.

These are some cookies I did - my mama's sugar cookie recipe covered in royal icing and topped with little sugared sleping babies. I also made a few cookie lollies on a whim. Clearly my co-worker is having a boy... : ) 

Even more cookies.... : ) 

This is my piece-de-resistance: the cake. I had loads of fun making this even though I had to pipe out each tuft of fur individually in my sweltering kitchen last night (and I proceeded to smoosh the piping tip at work today). Everything except the binkie is edible. And I am now friends with fondant, which may be the most important thing. : ) We've worked out our differences - I've promised to roll it thinly and not make it work in humidity, and it has promised to look pretty. 

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