Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day, part zwei

One of my friends confessed to me once that she would like to be proposed to on a Jumbotron at a sporting event. Another of my friends used to work in sports marketing and would routinely reject requests from fans to do that very thing on the grounds that it is mortally embarrassing to all involved if the proposal does not have the desired response. 

CNN.com had a story on a man who was undeterred by the thought of being rejected. Aaron Weisinger proposed to girlfriend Erica Breder upon reaching the top of the newly re-opened crown of the Statue of Liberty on Saturday. The lucky (and newly engaged) couple were two of 240 people who got tickets to the first day the crown was re-opened to the public. Personally, for the record, I would not enjoy a public proposal, nor would I like to be forever captured wearing that stupid foam hat...

Remember the solider who was photographed a few months ago fighting the Taliban in pink "I Heart NY" boxers? Google News hosted an AP story that stated Spec. Zachary Boyd was home from Afghanistan in time for the Fourth of July. He spent a few days at home with his family before returning to Ft. Hood to begin training as a helicopter pilot. His boxers will soon be on display at the 1st Infantry Division museum in Fort Riley, Kansas. 

It is because of our protected freedoms I can post the following link to a project that is sure to tick off some people. Inspired by the fading flag bumper stickers visual artist Aaron Fein saw all around New York City after Sept. 11, he created an installation he calls "Surrender."  Fein wondered what would happen if all the nations' flags faded to white. "Surrender" is a growing exhibit that features flags of the world made entirely of white fabric. Just the small selection of flags in the photo on george.loper.org really does provoke the viewer into ignoring the map- and geography-based divisions imposed on these countries and think about new ways they are similar

(Photo courtesy of CNN.com)

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