Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nice save...

Welcome to My Happy Thought 2.0. After a nice refreshing break, I'm going starting up again, only this time as a weekly thing. Check back every Thursday or just wait for the alert. :)

My current personal happy thought is New England has decided to have a spring this year. We've had our share of April showers already but yesterday was 90 degrees, and today is sunny and in the 60s. The fact that it's almost time for gorgeous weather has been a saving grace for me.

Today's stories are about saves of a more momentous nature. Not so much the "Sweet! I don't have to wear a coat today" and more of the "Thank you for saving my life" variety.

My friend Michelle reminded me of a story I originally found on the Chicago Tribune's site. Her version comes from AOL. On March 26 long-time Jewel Osco Supermarket customer Dan Coyne successfully donated a kidney to cashier Myra de la Vega after learning de la Vega suffered from kidney disease and had been on dialysis. Neither feels any after-effects of the surgery beyond de la Vega feeling miles better than before.

Yahoo! News had one of the first stories I saw about the miraculous rescue of 115 Chinese miners eight days after they had been trapped when workers digging a new mine accidentally dug into an old one which had filled with water. Miners survived by eating tree bark and drinking the water, but according to Xinhua, China's official news organization, none are intensive care after the rescue.

And finally, Huffington Post put something up on a rescue that wasn't much publicized as far as I can tell. David Anderson was doing the tourist thing in New York and only turned away from his two year-old daughter Bridget for a moment when he realized she had fallen 20 feet into the icy Hudson River. He immediately jumped in to get her only to find an unknown French man was already in the water saving his daughter. After getting the little girl out and making sure she was okay, the mysterious hero disappeared into the crowd.

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