Friday, November 6, 2009

Theater of the (Slightly) Absurd...

I did my time in high school theater, reaching my pinnacle as a whiny bride literally stuck in a conga line in our adaptation of "The Golden Goose" (No typecasting there. Nuh uh. None at all...). But between that and stage managing for "Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz," the magic of the theater crept into my life. I enjoy the odd Broadway show when I make it down to NYC, and I've seen plenty of traveling productions.

But my keenly observant - some may say tart - sense of humor also allows me to appreciate the theater of life. Recent years have taught me I'd rather laugh than cry when unpleasant or odd things crop up, so I've honed my overall awareness of the humor in everyday life. Because when you've been cut off no less than six times and then flipped off by a woman in her fifties - all in the span of four miles - really, all you can do is laugh.

Mark Sanchez, quarterback for the New York Jets, looked like the rookie he is when he consumed a hot dog in the middle of the second half of a 38-0 dismantling of the visiting LA Raiders. How he didn't think the cameras were not going to catch the quarterback of a team in one of the world's largest media markets having a snack is beyond me. However, in an effort to un-sully his name, he donated 1000 hot dogs and hamburgers and equivalent buns to a soup kitchen in Morristown, N.J., according to The Star-Ledger.

In a story that manages to fall squarely into both theater and absurd, The Huffington Post reported on the Salon du Chocolat, a fashion show in Paris to benefit a charity called The Voice of the Children. Famous French actresses and presenters modeled dresses with edible elements on them - chocolate necklaces, headpieces, etc. You can see individual photos here, and watch a YouTube video of each of the models here. The showpieces are pretty phenomenal.

In this YouTube video about the New York chocolate fashion show, you get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into putting it all together. Here the dresses themselves are actually made of chocolate. I personally would worry about my body heat melting my dress in the middle of the runway, but that's just me and my 10 percent more body fat than these girls...

(Photo courtesy of Huffington Post)

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